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On the Road

The Leaders are on the Road!!!

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7.17 Update

Dear supporters,

Hello from Arkansas! The Team has been in high gear this week, gaining attention for our cause in east Texas and Texarkana. We're excited to tell our story and help raise awareness for Blood:Water Mission. Onward to Little Rock for the weekend!

For the full Ride:Well multimedia experience, including a live Twitter feed from the road, blogs, videos and pics, visit… Continue

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"what of us makes us who we are"

I don't know if this is okay, but I read this post on facebook from Erin McDermott... Thought I would pass it along to my friends on the Ride:Well site. I thought it was a well written and thoughtful piece.

this is a line from sara groves again. from her song "rewrite this tragedy". I dont know exactly what she is talking about if there is a specific story behind the song or not but some of the lyrics have really been resonating with me recently. she says, "sometimes it's hard to… Continue

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Merch Preview


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Preview of what you'll see this summer

Here is a little preview of the jerseys and the van, the "Mother Falcon" has new skin.…


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RWT Apparel

Here is a preview of the 09 RWT apparel. You'll be able to get your's next week 'cause we'll have an order page online. Yeah! Oh, FYI, even though we are only two-years old, this is our throwback jersey year.…


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Its a Wrap!

Here is a preview of our Van Wrap for 09... Hopefully you'll see this rolling down the highway at 15 mph somewhere near our fantastic team.

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Open letter to the 09 RWT team.

Hey team,

Last week I said that I'd write a letter addressing some of the emotions you might be feeling right now. I thought it would be better if you heard it from a bunch a wise people instead of me...

"Remember the high board at the swimming pool? After days of looking up at it you finally climbed the wet steps to the platform. From there, it was higher than ever. There were only two ways down: the steps to defeat of the dive to victory. You stood on the edge, shivering… Continue

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R:WT '09 Updates

The Ride:Well Tour is moving at full-speed again, 15mph. There is a lot to be done in a short amount of time. Here are some things that have been happening this past week:

+we had some meetings in Dallas to discuss the benefit events we will be doing there this summer,

+we have interviewed a number of people and have officially accepted five people to be on the R:WT 09 team,

+we've been making updates to the website and our prep packets, sponsor packets, info… Continue

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Website Updates

Information regarding the 2009 Tours will be posted online throughout the day today. Keep checking back for more information.

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Updates & Application

Hey all, the site will be down tonight as it undergoes changes. Tomorrow the site should be rolling again with a fresh new design, more user-friendly interface, cool new features and an application for our 09 tour.

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Undergoing Changes & Moving Forward

Hey all, just want to let you know that you will see some drastic changes on the Ride:Well Tour website as we move forward with our plans for 2009. In the next few weeks we have a meeting with Blood:Water Mission to discuss the successes of 2008 and make final plans for next summer. We see some great things on the horizon. In mid October we will be sending out mass email and broadcast message to everyone with a recap of 08 and opportunities for 09. Thanks for Riding:Well with us.

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A Toast to Texas!

Thank you to everyone in Texas! In Texas we raised over $100,000.00 for fresh water wells, health clinics and sanitation projects in Africa. A special thanks goes out to The Oaks Fellowship in Red Oak and to the whole town of Tyler. Y'all are great people, ya' hear!

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Encouragement for the Team (Please Read)

I'm the guy in the office that the team reports to on a daily basis. The last few days have been tough for the team. They've made it to their destination each day, but they have been cycling from sun-up to sun-down in crazy heat and its wearing on them a bit. Right now they are cycling to Quemado, MN from Show Low, AZ. It is a 95 mile day, temperatures should be a little better, but it will still be hot.

Yesterday Matthew Williams found out his… Continue

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Day 1-3 (Good Stuff)

The team is currently on day three of cycling and in good spirits. Tonight they will be at Twenty Nine Palms, CA. Quick update: the support vehicle broke down on day 1 in the mountains (transmission problems) and was held up a day as it was fixed by Ezekiel in Hollywood. Thanks Ezekiel! The team carried on. Last night the tour leaders picked up the van in LA and it's back with the team.

Also, one of our cyclists broke her tailbone as… Continue

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Setting up Camp

Thursday all the cyclist arrive to Santa Monica for Team Training. This has been a long time in coming. Spirits are high and everyone is excited. We are at Elements Church in Santa Monica. They have been such a blessing, giving us food, a place to stay, etc... I feel a kindred spirit as they have really embraced what we are doing and the cause. We are excited for the team to arrive tomorrow. It is fun to finally meet everyone.


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On the Road!

Yesterday the team leaders loaded the trailer and started driving to LA. Prior to departure, Jesse was tying up loose ends in his real estate business while helping Brianne move out of their house. Drew was purchasing a bike since his other bike is in Europe on another tour. I was shopping at Sam's Club, REI and Wal Mart trying to get all the supplies we need for the tour. I bought everything except sidewalk chalk, 35 mm 200 speed film, licorice, a firewire and matches. Not bad. It was a hectic… Continue

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Hey all, our jerseys have arrived! Thought you might want to see a preview. Looking pretty good with the handlebar mustache.

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Great Week & Handlebars

This is a great week, the last full week before the start of the tour. I can hardly believe that it is here. The Ride:Well Tour has been a work in progress for the last full year. It was in June of last year that we met with Blood:Water about doing this project. At the time, we didn't even know what to call it. Now it is upon us. This is a great week because a lot of the things we've been working on comes together this week. We have our… Continue

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